We chose to automate because it reduces labor, reduces cost in the long run, because you can feed cows properly. It increases production. It’s the way of future. Everyone’s got to automate. 
-Jeff & Kelly Gould, Rangitata
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True SCC results, live at bail

DAL’s CellSense® is an automated at bail SCC sensor that provides you with a live SCC result within two minutes of cupping the cow. It couldn’t be easier!

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Powerful in-shed automation

DAL’s systems unleash powerful in-shed automation, including electronic identification, automated drafting, in-shed alerts, feed to production, herd management systems and more.

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Measure yield, fat and protein at bail

DAL’s YieldSense® sensor enables you to measure yield, fat, protein and lactose of each cow during milking.  All results are stored automatically in HerdSense® or Protrack™ herd management software giving you powerful data and simple reports to make decisions with.

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